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Gemology, Lucky Stone, Wear Gemstones

Procedure of Wearing Gems

Gemology, Lucky Stone Consultation

Astro Gemology is a classical science and wisdom of Vedic, the whole universe covered by five elements (fire, water, earth, sky and air), without these elements no one can live in the earth. These same five elements contain the gem stones also, like Fire – Ruby and Coral; Water – Pearl and Diamond; Earth – Emerald; Sky – Yellow Sapphire; Air – Blue Sapphire. The 9 main gemstones are acting as cosmic blessings of human life. The wearing of gems in an important consideration that can potentially changes and alter many areas of our life. Gems are the most perfect and increase the strength of material, it is a permanent wealth from the nature of earth.

This stones are especially valued for its uncommonness which is used to strengthen the weak auspicious planets and to strengthen the already strong planets. Gems have supernatural powers and you may experience sudden success or unexpected downfall in life due to the influence of these gemstones. Existing long ago the peoples of previous ages worn powerful gems on whatever parts of the body were slightly weak. Gems are kept cosmic vibrations since long years ago. Gems have wonderful power to abatement the very bad effects of planet and to cure various diseases. Incorrect gemstones can create something unpleasant of human life and can result in severe physical affects in certain cases, unhappy relationships or lack of success, achieving ineffective from certain troubles, you may get upset and our health suffers.

Gemstones Facts

  • 1Selecting the right gemstone is more important than wearing a gemstone.
  • 2It is very critical work to recognize and identification and chooses for excellent gemstone for a person.
  • 3Don't use gems stones comes under free of gifts.
  • 4Most important is that wearing the gem stones is set so as to touch the skin.
  • 5Gems should generally be worn on the right for men and the left for women.
  • 6Gems have powers and are related to each planet which minimizes the influence of evil planets and gives good results if used properly.
  • 7Selecting the gem stones you may follow proper procedure like the metals, hands, fingers, weights etc.
  • 8Without compatible you don't wear any gemstones.
  • 9We can help you to select a right gem stones based on date of birth chart (Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth…),
    which is a unique signature of planetary configuration at the time of your birth.
  • 10Don't wear more than two gems.
  • 11Do not wear spotted and cracked gemstones.

Benefits of Gem Stones(Nava-Ratna)

Gemsstones are a very popular and effective remedy to improve your smooth passage of family life, happiness, mental peace, health prospects, income and earnings, luck & fortune, happiness from children, education, career, love, marriage, rescue the poisons diseases, not suffer any ill fortune. It also helps remove barrier and keep safe from danger.

It's reducing distress, failure and hindrance and overall progress, better mental state and increased confidence, to achieve fulfillment in our destiny, the physical strength will be increased and you can bring about marvel changes in mind and body, it also help overcome difficulties and attract wealth. Helping to create a positive environment for happiness and development, they can bust any problems in one's life such as profession, finances, emotional issues in relationships, children's future etc.

"You will be able to know the following details,after analyzing your birth horoscope chart,which minimize your evil effects,"bad doshams", hurdles and obstacles in your path. After wearing appropriate stone prosperous and peace of mind will be observed.

We will suggest you:-

  • 1Best gemstone
  • 1Correct weight of gem stone
  • 1Right Metal
  • 1Accurate hand and finger to be worn
  • 1Auspicious day and time for wearing gem stone
  • 1Mantra for wearing gem stone
  • 1Procedures

Gemology, Lucky Stone, Wear Gemstones, Procedure of Wearing Gems

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