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Navagraha Temples

Nine 9 Planets

Navagraha Temples for 9 Planets

The navagraha means nine planets. Nav means "Nine", Graha means "Planets". So it is called as navagraha. Planets are also believed to influence the outcomes of historical events of entire nations and the earth. Each planet moves in clockwise or anti-clock wise motion. Out of nine graham first seven heavenly bodies are still connected in various culture of the world with seven days of the week as in Hindu system of astrology. In navagraha temple (nine planets temple) the sun idol is placed at the center and all other eight grahas are placed surrounding the sun in such a way that is no graha faces one another.

9 Planets & Horoscope

The world plays in two natures i.e. attracting or catching. Every object attracts or catches another object as dictated by the gravity. Similarly, the nine planets also attract each other. The navagraha are the nine catchers the same way a man knows how to keep natures with in him. Separate from one another he stands at peace with himself and with the world around. A man is born on earth on that day, and that movement what his individual fate is in mathematical harmony with progress of stars, planets in heaven.

When planets move from one direction to another, it brings about changes in people fortune. How the planets are placed in one horoscope at the time of birth determines the good and bad affect of once life, and the time effort. In every horoscope some planets are in good place some are in bad place. Hence, in our life some time we are getting problem which can't be unbearable, because of some planets position change in a month or year. All human being facing their life problem some time ups and some time downs.

Even ancient records and epics evident that navagrahas are even capable of making troubles to god also. Finally, human life mixture of happiness and sorrows. To come out from the all obstacles every individual should do pariharam(remedies) through the palm leaf scriptures and the astrology scriptures prescribe various poojas to avoid off the negative influence of the planets. By doing this pariharam(remedies upay), homam(ritual yajna), navagraha abhishek(holy bath) and mantra japam(chanting of mantras) etc., by visiting navagraha temples (nine planets temple)and doing all this, navagraha dosha are vanishout and good result will occur.

Navagraha Temples, Nine 9 Planets

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