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Sun Temple, Suriyanar Koil Temple

Pilgrimage Tours India, Visit Surya Bhagawan Temple in Kumbakonam, India.

Visit Sun Temple, Suriyanar Koil Temple

The sun god temple was built during the King of Chola period, when the world came into existence, the first sound that reverberated was "OHM". Surya was born from this omkara naadham. Sree Markandeya puranam has explained this factor. Suryan was the son of Sage Kashyap and was the grandson of Sage Maarisi. Surya married Soorvarsala, the dauther of Viswakarma. Vaivasvatha Manu and Yamadharmarajan were his sons and Yamuna, his daughter. Surya's great chariot has one wheel and is drawn by seven horses(The seven horses symbolically represent the seven colors of the white light and the seven days of the week), he has a lotus in each hand, wears an armour and has a shield over his breast, has beautiful straight hair, and is surrounded by a halo of light.

The tower of the temple is approximately sixteen meter in height and consists of three tiers. At the top of the tower are five domes. To the north of the rajagopuram(main tower) lies the sacred bathing ghat called Surya Pushkarni. It is important to bathe in this ghat before offering worship at the temple. If not, one should at least sprinkle its water on one's head. Special features of the temple, all the grahams face Surya Bhagawan in this temple.

As soon as, one enters the temple there is a sacrificial platform. Generally in Siva temples, Navagrahas are the secondary deities. Here, the Sun is the main deity and the other eight planets have their separate shrines around the Sun according to Astrology. The antiquity of this holy place and be traced to the days of Maha Bharatha. The Puranas subscribe to the same view that all sorts of physical and mental ailments will be solved, when people worship this temple.

Benefits of Worshipping Sun Temple:

To succeed in political, to get government job and government related deals, to get rid of from sins committed by father and ancestors, to solve the problem in person weakness in bone, veryoffen headach, eye problem and also diseases pertaining to the heart. Those who are taKing bath for twelve Sundays in Suryanath koil, they will be saved from suffering and blessed with happy and peaceful life.

Things of Worshipping:

Day : Sunday
Donation : Wheat, Orange Cloth, Jaggery, Lotus
Homa / Havan : Wood From Ark Tree (Calotropis Gigantea)
Medicinal Bath : Cardamom, Honey, Poppy Seeds, Saffron, Lotus
Flower : Senthamarai (Red Lotus)
Cloth : Red Color
Prasatham (Food) : Sakkarai pongal

Location:(Suryanar koil)

The first Navagraha temple is the Suryanarkoil. It is situated in the small village called Tirumangalakkudi. Near Aaduthurai, Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu (India).

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Sun Temple, Suriyanar Koil Temple, Surya Bhagawan Temple

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