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Saturn Temple, Shani Bhagawan Temple, Tirunallar

Pilgrimage Tours India, Visit Shani Bhagawan Temple in Tirunallar.

Visit Saturn Temple, Shani Bhagawan Temple, Tirunallar

The god Shaneeshwar is also called Saturn:(Lord Darbaraneswara Temple - Thirunallar. This is an ancient Shiva temple probably constructed in 7th century. Shaneeshwar is a god and son of Surya and his wife Chaya(Shadow goddess) and also known as Chayaputra he is the elder brother of Yama. Shaneeshwar gives as the results of one's deeds through appropriate punishment and rewards, Yama grants the results of one's deeds after death. Saturday is the most appropriate days for worshipping Shaneeshwar Bhagavan. Shaneeshwar Bhagavan is decorated with black flowers.

Whether one is under Sani's favourable or unfavourable effects, one should constantly worship him. By doing so, one can ensure that the impact of adverse effect is minimised and the benefits of favourable effect are maximized. Sani is a turbulent and troublesome god who makes and breaks fortunes, by his influence and position in the planetary system for which he is invariably feared, and especially worshipped by those who believe in Hindu astrology. He is generally shown with four hands riding upon a chariot, or a buffalo or a crow. In three hands he shown holding an arrow, a bow and a javelin respectively while the fourth one is held in varadamudra. The aspect of Sani Bhagavan on a persons life it is not that saneshwaran is destroyer alone.

He is a revered to be both, a giver and destroyer. During period like 7 ½ years saturn period (elarai nattu Sani, Saade Sati, Shani dosh) which may be three types. Pongu Sani, Mangu Sani and Marana Sani. He gives all tribulation to the concerned person. During Pongu Sani, he bestows on them. In Mangu Sani giving troubles to the person lot. Legend is that Lord Saneeswara was once waiting to catch King Nala, noticed that he had not washed the back portion of his feet, while preparing for his prayers. Nala worked under King Irudhupannan as his charioteer. In the mean time Damayanthi went to her father's place where he arranged for a swayamvaram for his daughter. Irudhupannan also attended the swayamvaram where Nala in disguise was the charioteer.

Damyanti identified Nala, the charioteer as her husband. With the effect of the boon from Karkodakan Nala regained his original form and became the King once again. Nala is said to have visited Tirunallar as per the advice of sage Bharadwaja. As soon as he entered the main sannidhi of the temple, Saneeswaran departed from him. Once Shaneeshwar climbed on to Hanuman's shoulder, implying that Shaneeshwar's influence was beginning on Lord Hanuman. At this, Hanuman assumed a large size, and Shaneeshwar was caught painfully between Hanuman's shoulders and the ceiling of the room they were in. as the pain was unbearable, Lord Shaneeshwar requested Lord Hanuman to release him, promising in return, that if a person prayed to Lord Hanuman, he (Shaneeshwar) would moderate or eliminate the malefic effects of his influence on that person; following this, Lord Hanuman released Shaneeshwar.

According to tale Shri Shaneeshwardev was about to enter life of Luv and Kush in Sade sati period, but Shri Hanuman requested him not to do, so as Shri Hanuman believed that he punished Lord Ram double already by sending him in exile for 14 years. Shri Shaneeshwardev refused telling that this is his karma and he can't run away from it. Listening this Shri Hanuman crushed Shri Shaneeshwardev under his feet. Shri Shaneeshwardev was suffering from too much of pain and hence agreed to leave Luv and Kush.

There is one more evidence that the saneshwaran is around all over the universe. There is a village name of Shaneeshwar shingnapur in that village there is no roof in all houses, no door and no lock also. The whole village seems to be in open yard. No thievery or burglary ever occurred here in this hamlet called Shaneeshwar Shingnapur. Some who have tried to steal have died vomiting blood within minutes of their act and before they could cross the boundary. Many others are said have received varied punishments such as long sickness, mental imbalance etc.

Benefits of Worshipping

The person who come to visit Tirunallar Shaneeshwar Sthalam(Saturn Temple) who is suffering from Shaneeshwar dhasa and 7 ½ years saturn period (elarai nattu Sani, Saade Sati, Shani dosh), he has to take oil bath in nala thirtha (pool) while dharsan he has to go with wet cloth then take dharsan of Shiva Parvathidevi and saneshwara Bhagavan. The person all these pooja do systematically the ill effect which is suffering through Shaneeshwar desha is completely vanish out or at least abate to some extent.

Things of Worshipping:

Day : Saturday
Donation : Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Blue/Black Cloth, Black Buffalo, Iron, Blue Sapphire, Feeding Blind/Lame/Aged/Dark People, Feeding Crow/Black Buffalo Homa/Havan : Wood From Shami Tree (Serratula anthelmintica)
Medicinal Bath : Black Sesame Oil, Black Sesame Seeds, Saunf (Anseed), Anjan – Kali Ber (Zizyphus Jujuba)
Flower : Vanni and Blue kuvalai Cloth : Block Cloth
Prasatham (Food) : Rice mixed with sesame powder.


The seventh Navagraha temple is the Thirunallar near Karaikal (Mayiladudhurai) {Tamil Nadu(India).

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Saturn Temple, Shani Bhagawan Temple, Tirunallar

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