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What is Olaichuvadi Jothidam?

Online Olaichuvadi Jothidam Predictions | Online Olai Chuvadi Jothidam | Nadi Josiyam Tamil, Malaysia, Singapore

In Tamilnadu, a southern state of India, the sacred palm leaves are called as ‘Olaichuvadi’ in Tamil Language. These are used mainly for scripting astrology predictions by the great sages of India. Thus this is natively called as Olaichuvadi Jothidam which describes your entire life age wise.

As you knew already Olaichuvadi Jothidam is mainly dependent on your thumb impression (right for men, left for women) which is unique & as the predictions are. Even though Olaichuvadi Josiyam is originated from Tamil nadu, it is well famous across the world countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, USA, England (UK), Australia, UAE, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium & many more countries.

The finding of the specific original olaichuvadi (palm leaf) relating to an individual is a time consuming procedure and it may take 2 to 3 hours sometime. The customers would be blessed to get it within a reference to 5 or 6 olai chuvadi. In Olaichuvadi Jothidam, every leaf is pertaining to a person would hold facts about that person viz. , his and his wife's name, his parents names, number of siblings, the order of his birth in the family, whether he is the son of the first or second wife, in case if his father had got married twice and such other certain facts.

These are called Sakshis or witnesses. The customer should admit or deny the facts, when it is being read from the Olaichuvadi Josiyam. But he should not disclose the fact well in advance. If the specifics given in a particular leaf do not agree entirely, the next palm leaf is taken and the process continues till the correct palm leaf containing the factual foresights completely, matches with his family particulars.

In many cases, the persons do not get their palm leaf (olaichuvadi). It signifies that the time to know their future hasn't arrived yet. Periodically, we get new bundles of olaichuvadi from our Head Office, thus those who did not get their Olaichuvadi in prior attempts, may get consecutively. However, we do not charge any fees in cases when the customer does not find his/her Olaichuvadi, although much time we spend to trace out.

Olaichuvadi Jothidam Predictions

Olaichuvadi Jothidam gives facts about your past, present and future life. It is trusted that mystics of ancient India had deep insight into life on Earth & the Universe. Through their divine pursuits these mystics understood that souls & spirits just like any other form of energy can't be destroyed or created, they keep transforming.

As a human, physically you can have numerous births through with transformation process but your soul remains the same. A soul carries imprints of previous births. And the mystics had the power to read through those symbols. Olaichuvadi Jothidam foresight can be termed even as the eighth wonder of the world. They are so accurate and precise.

Olaichuvadi Jothidam in Vaitheeswaran Koil

With time, the Olaichuvadis got dispersed and they were gathered and classified during the chola rule in Tanjore and preserved in the Saraswati Mahal. Some of the Olaichuvadis got destroyed and burnt during the Muslim invasion and in the British regime, they gave away the Olaichuvadi to some families and some were sold and auctioned. They kept in possession only those that revealed knowledge of herbs, alchemy and medicines.

The Olaichuvadis related to astrology were sought by astrologers from a community called Valluvar and they belonged to Vaideeshwaran Koil, near Chidambaram in Tamilnadu. So Vaitheeswaran Koil became the heart center for Olaichuvadi Jothidam. The astrologers made their living through Olaichuvadi Jothidam predictions, who got trained at reading them from their elders and this was passed down from generations to generations.

Online Olai Chuvadi Jothidam | Nadi Josiyam Tamil, Malaysia, Singapore

We provide Olaichuvadi Jothidam Online services from Vaitheeswaran Koil through our website for your convenience from India. We provide Olaichuvadi Jothidam online services in major languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam across the world especially the customers from USA (United States of America), England, UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium, Europe & many more countries.

Mr. Selva Muthu Kumaran Phd., Chief Nadi Astrologer at Sri Atri Nadi Astrology Centre.

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