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Venus Temple, Sukra Bhagawan Temple, Kanjanur

Pilgrimage Tours India, Visit Sukra Bhagawan Temple in Kanjanur.

Visit Mercury Temple, Budha Bhagawan Temple

The Sukran god temple was inscription from Kings Chola and Vijayanagara periods. This temple with two pragaram has a five tiered raja Gopuram at its entrance. This Shiva Sthalam associated with Shukran. Bhrama is said to have been blessed with a vision of shiva's marriage with Parvathi. This shrine is also referred to Palaasavanam, Bhrammapuri and Agnistalam. Kanjanur is considered to be the 36th in the series of the Tevara Stalams located in Chola Nadu north of the river Cauvery. Shukra is the teacher of the demons and the author of Sukraniti. He is generally shown with four hands, riding upon a golden or a silver chariot drawn by eight horses.

Three of his hands hold a staff, a rosary, a vessel of gold respectively while the fourth one is held in varada mudra. Here, lord Shiva represent of Shukra Bhagavan. Legend is that with this power Sukrachariya once brought the dead asuras alive during a war against the Devas. The devas prayed Lord Shiva for their rescue. The Lord then swallowed him in anger. Sukra meditated upon Shiva in his stomach and emerged out.

Another legend associated with Sukra is that Lord Vishnu in his Vamana Avatar asked for three foot steps of land from the asura King Mahabali. The asura Guru realizing the boy as Lord, took the form of a bee. He blocked the flow of water from the kamandalam which marks the end of the offering. But Vamana an incarnation of Vishnu, picKing up a pavithram blinds Sukracharya in one eye while trying to remove the obstacle (bee) from the hole in the kamandalam. Of the nine grahas Sukra is the next most beneficial planet after Guru.

Benefits of Worshipping

The person who come to visit Kanjanur Sukra Sthalam(Venus planet) they will find relief from delay of getting marriage, personal family life problems, love affairs from both side, loss from females, diverse problems from both side, ornaments, wealth, vehicles and domestic animals. To come out from all these problem the person should performing pooja and worshipping the god; Shri agnishwaraswamy will help the devotees to get rid of Sukra dosham also.

Things of Worshipping:

Day : Friday
Donation : Mocchai (sealed beans), Silver, White Cloth, Diamond, Scents, Milk, Curd, White Horse, Feeding Women
Homa/Havan : Wood From Gular Tree (Ficus golmerate)
Medicinal Bath : Saffron, Mainsall (Arsenicum Rubrun)
Flower : White Lotus
Cloth : White Cloth
Prasatham (Food) : white pongal and mocchai


The sixth Navagraha temple is the Kanjanur near Suryanar Koil(Aadudurai), Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu (India).

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Venus Temple, Sukra Bhagawan Temple, Kanjanur

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