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Introduction to Vedic Astrology

We provide Vedic Astrology in USA, Horoscope Reading Services for Hindu Americans & the people living in USA. Vedic Astrology is a science dealing with its spiritual aspect, it also involves mathematics and Astronomy, Vedic astrology (Jyotish) is part of Vedic knowledge, the collected verbal wisdom handed down to us by the great sages, the seers of the Vedas. Jyotish in Sanskrit is derived from "Jyoti", which mean "light" and "Ish", which mean "God". Thus, Jyotish means 'Light of God'. It is a science, which studies the affairs of terrestrial living, which are influenced by the movements of the planets, in a philosophical and institutive way. It is also called the "Eye of the Veda Purusha" or "the wisdom of the heavens".

History of Vedic Astrology

History of Vedic Astrology has its root in the Vedas of Hindu that are the oldest scriptures in the world library. Veda is derived from the root "Vid", which means, "to know". The Veda teaches how to achieve purity of heart, getting rid of impurities. The Vedas, believed to have been written down over a period of about ten to twenty thousand years ago. There are the "four" Samhita (collections) that we call the "Vedas".

  • Rigveda: The earliest of these, is composed of about 1,000 hymns addressed to various deities,
    and mostly arranged to serve the needs of the priestly families who were the custodians of this sacred literature.
  • Yajurveda : it contains prose formulas applicable to various cultic rites, along with verses intended for a similar purpose.
  • Samaveda: is made up of a selection of verses (drawn almost wholly from the Rigveda)
    that are provided with musical notation and are intended as an aid to the performance of sacred songs.
  • Atharvanaveda: It deals chiefly with the practical side of life, with man, his protection and security.

The Vedas has "six" supplements also known as Vedangas or the limbs of the vedas.
There are six Vedangas:
Shiksha (phonetics), Kalpa (rituals), Vyakarana (grammar), Jyotishya (astronomy), Nirukta (etymology) and Chhandas (metrics)..

Six branches of astrology

  • 1Jataka (Horoscope Reading, Predictive astrology or Natal Astrology)
  • 2Gola (Astronomy related to spherical movements)
  • 3Prashna (Queries at a given time or "Horary Astrology")
  • 4Nimitta (Omens and their interpretation)
  • 5Muhurta (Electional Astrology/selecting an auspicious time)
  • 6Ganita (Astronomical calculations).

What is Karma?

The effects of a person's actions that determine their fate in this life and the next incarnation.

"Janani Janma Soukyanam
Vardhani Kula Sampadam
Pathavi Poorva Punyanam
Likyathe Janma Patrika"

Your karma or fortune is determined by a predestined cosmic design. You are a soul incarnating in a body at a very specific time and place, and your life is a reflection of the grater whole into which you are born just as flowers bloom at certain times, say during spring time, when all conditions are perfectly suitable. So is the case with our births on this planets. Astrology is merely the medium of indicating the karmas (destinies) which has a link with the past life and also with the future. The karmas are woven in the horoscope so as to indicate the balance of karmas that the native is carrying as well as his task in this life. Our powerful life karma is charted by the natal horoscope. A good Astrologer can see which areas of life may be strong, joyful and flowing, and which may be weak, problematic or blocked. A highly developed Astrologer may offer possible remedies for negative karmas.

Horoscope Reading USA Online

Horoscope Reading in Vedic astrology shows on the casting of an astrological chart or horoscope, it is a chart of the heavens at the time and place of birth which shows the positions of the planets and their relation to the new born child. Horoscope forecasting the understanding of life, the journey of the spirit from past to present life, effects of karma on present life, doshas & remedies and suitable gem stones as per your characteristics & the analysis of general events in life such as education, career, source of earning, family life and health etc.

Hindu Americans

Hinduism in USA

Hinduism is a minority religion in the United States of America, ranking fourth-largest after Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and constituting 1% of the population. The vast majority of American Hindus are immigrants from South Asia (mainly India, some from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, and a minority from Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan, and Pakistan).

There are also Hindus from Southeast Asia (mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia (especially Bali and Java), Canada, the Caribbean (mainly Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, and Jamaica), Oceania (mainly Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand), Africa (mainly Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Réunion, and Seychelles), Europe (mainly United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and USA), and the Middle East (mainly the Gulf countries), and other countries and their descendants. Additionally, the United States has number of converts to Hinduism. There are also about 900 ethnic Cham people from Vietnam, one of the few remaining non-Indic Hindus in the world, living in America, 55% of whom are Hindus.

While there were isolated sojourns by Hindus in the United States during the 19th century, Hindu presence in the United States was extremely limited until the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Hindu-Americans hold the highest levels of educational attainment among all religious communities in the United States. This is mostly due to strong US immigration policies that favour educated and highly skilled migrants. Many concepts of Hinduism, such as meditation, karma, Ayurveda, reincarnation, and yoga, have entered into mainstream American vernacular. According to Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life survey of 2009, 24% of Americans believe in reincarnation, a core concept of Hinduism. Furthermore, the Hindu values of vegetarianism and ahimsa are gaining in popularity. In September 2021, the State of New Jersey aligneed with the World Hindu Council to declare October as Hindu Heritage Month. Om is a widely chanted mantra across the United States, particularly among millennials and those who practice yoga and subscribe to the New Age philosophy.

American Hindus have the highest rates of educational attainment and highest rate of household income among all religious communities, and the lowest divorce rates. This is mostly due to strong US immigration policies that favour educated and highly skilled migrants only. According to the 2008 Pew Research, of all the America adults who said they were raised as Hindus, 80 percent continued to adhere to Hinduism which is the highest retention rate for any religion in America.

Hindu temples in America

Major Hindu temples in USA

  • 1BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Chicago, at Chicago
  • 2BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta, at Atlanta
  • 3BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Houston, in Houston
  • 4BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Chino Hills, in City of Chino Hills
  • 5Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Lanham, Maryland
  • 6Malibu Hindu Temple near Malibu, California
  • 7Hindu Temple of St. Louis, Missouri
  • 8Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple in Morganville, New Jersey

Indian Astrologer USA, Vedic Astrologer Consultation USA

Indian Astrologer USA, Vedic Astrologer Consultation USA

We are providing the spiritual and grateful divine Vedic Astrology Consultation services to the People living in USA who is in search of seeking their Astrology Consultation online to know their future life predictions and bring peace, Joy & happiness in their life. We are one of the famous Indian Astrologers in USA, France, England, Canada, Singapore, Australia, India, Dubai, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Germany, UK, China & many more countries across the globe.


Our SRI ATRI MAHARISHI NADI ASTROLOGY CENTRE is located in India – Vaitheeswaran Koi, Tamilnadu. Our Chief Indian Astrologer Dr.K. Selva Muthu Kumaran PhD., DHA is one of the famous & genuine Vedic Astrologer in USA. We have been providing Vedic Astrology online services, Horoscope Reading Online services, Astrology consultation online services from India to the customers from USA for past three decades.

Each and every human beings’ future predictions have been contributed through the Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology Horoscope Predictions are divine predictions which are suited for all mankind across the world.

How to Get Vedic Astrology Consultation Online in USA?

People from USA can easily get their Vedic Astrology Consultation Online services by means of video calls using SKYPE, WhatsApp or phone calls. To begin Vedic Astrology consultation online you will need to send your Horoscope details or your date of Birth details to start Horoscope Reading which gives your entire life predictions such as past, present & future. Thus you can get your Vedic Astrology consultation online in USA without travelling to India.

Vedic Astrology USA Online, Horoscope Reading USA

We provide Vedic Astrology, Horoscope Reading consultation online services from Vaitheeswaran Koil through our website for your convenience from India. We also provide Nadi Jyotish online services in major languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam across the world especially the customers from USA (United States of America), England, UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland, Belgium, Europe & many more countries.

Mr. Selva Muthu Kumaran Phd., Chief Nadi Astrologer at Sri Atri Nadi Jyotish Centre. Contact No: (+91) 77088 12431

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